New Zealand Kyudo Federation

About NZKF

The New Zealand Kyudo Federation (NZKF) promotes the practice and teaching of traditional Kyudo - the art of the Japanese bow - in New Zealand. The organisation represents New Zealand’s national charter in the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF) and the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF).

The NZKF is the governing body for ANKF kyudo in New Zealand, and aims to assist local groups in developing kyudo in both North and South Islands. The NZKF organises annual seminars for its members, usually held in Auckland. Our members also take part in international seminars held in Japan, and may take examinations for dan-ranking (issued by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation).

The NZKF is a non-profit voluntary organisation, governed by an elected committee. The practice of kyudo is supervised by a technical committee, composed of those members with the highest grading and experience in kyudo. Clubs (dojo) in New Zealand are established and given recognition by the NZKF and are under its supervision. Each dojo leader should be a graded person with appropriate experience to teach kyudo safely.


Kyudo, the way of the Bow, is one of the ancient martial arts of Japan. Kyudo is not merely shooting an arrow at a target. It is a way of life, a journey, a journey of pursuing the truth, the goodness and the beauty in life. Unlike western archery, this is not a competitive sport against others. The competition is with one’s inner self to harness the mind and to master the technique.

Why do Kyudo?

Kyudo is an excellent way to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It helps to improve mind-body coordination, posture, balance, muscle tone and general physical fitness. Even more importantly, it gives you a sense of joy and a feeling of accomplishment. It shows you the way to mindfulness. Kyudo is one of the most prestigious and respected martial art forms in Japan and around the world, practiced by many as a method of physical, moral and spiritual development.

How will I be taught?

The atmosphere in the dojo is one of friendship, togetherness and mutual respect. We have students from all walks of life, male and female. Some have been practicing Kyudo with us for more than 10 years, others are only just starting. Our ways are informal. Traditional courtesies, etiquette and cultural values are respected and encouraged.

How do I start practicing Kyudo?

Please find a local club in your area blow to register your interest and join a session.

How do I become an NZKF member?

After joining a club, your club will ask you to register as an NZKF member.

Being a New Zealand Kyudo Federation member will enable you to attend national and international Kyudo seminars, and take examinations. This is different from belonging to a local club.

Your local club's committee will let you know when you are ready to register as an NZKF member. Please do not apply without telling your local club

Clubs in New Zealand


We're located in the YMCA Panmure (Lagoon Stadium), 44 Domain Road, Panmure. Our club president is Wei Zhen Kim (2-dan).

For enquiries please contact:

Clemens Berndt (2-dan) - Secretary

Regular trainings

  • Saturday evenings at 5:00-8:30pm
  • Monthly fees - $75/month (Paid before 10th of each month) or
  • 10x Concession fees - $250 (Valid for 6 Month)

Trial and Beginner sessions

Before your session. Please:

Trial sessions in 2024 - $10

Not sure what Kyudo is about and just want to see what it's like? Please come to one of our trial sessions.

  • 27th April

Beginners course in 2024 - $150

6 weeks training programme. First intake dates:

  • 11th May

Attending the class during COVID-19 guidelines

  • Stay home if you are unwell
  • Sanitise your hands when entering the premises
  • Clean and wipe equipment at the end of the class. Do not share Yumi/ Kake. Please keep no more than 4 arrows per person per visit
  • Check and register your name if you are using club equipment

Additional information on our venue's COVID-19 policy.

Palmerston North

We are located in the gym of the Institute of the Pacific United (IPU) campus,
57 Aokautere Dr, Fitzherbert, Palmerston North
. Our club president and contact person is:

Steven Needham (2-dan)

Practice schedule & session info

  • Sundays 2-4:30pm
  • Equipment supplied for beginner training
  • Beginner practice: email to enquire


We are located on the grounds of the Minoh Friendship House - 38 Normandale Road, Lower Hutt. Our club president is Karyn Lo (2-dan).

For enquiries please contact:

Lara Frizzell (2-dan) - Secretary

Practice schedule & session info

  • Sunday mornings at 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Training fee: $20/session
  • New members with previous experience and own equipment are welcome
  • Probation period (first six months) is free of charge. Please email an introduction, and to let us know to expect you.
Beginner/introductory sessions

First session is free of charge, and equipment is supplied.

Please register your interest, and we will get back to you about the next available session.


We're located in the Christchurch Archery Range, Rawhiti Domain, New Brighton. Our club president and instructor is:

Dieter Anke (5-dan, Renshi)

Practice schedule & session info

  • Sundays 10-12noon
  • Equipment provided
  • Beginner practice: phone or email to enquire

Contact us

For all non-club specifc enquiries, please reach out via

Postal address

New Zealand Kyudo Federation,

82 Percy Millen Drive, RD4, Pukekohe 2679, New Zealand