about kyudo

The New Zealand Kyudo Federation (NZKF) promotes the practice and teaching of traditional Kyudo - the art of the Japanese bow - in New Zealand. The organisation represents New Zealand’s national charter in the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF) and the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF).

The NZKF is the governing body for ANKF kyudo in New Zealand, and aims to assist local groups in developing kyudo in both North and South Islands. The NZKF organises annual seminars for its members, usually held in Auckland. Our members also take part in international seminars held in Japan, and may take examinations for dan-ranking (issued by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation).

The NZKF is a non-profit voluntary organisation, governed by an elected committee. The practice of kyudo is supervised by a technical committee, composed of those members with the highest grading and experience in kyudo. Clubs (dojo) in New Zealand are established and given recognition by the NZKF and are under its supervision. Each dojo leader should be a graded person with appropriate experience to teach kyudo safely.